Where Vail Meets the West

Our vision of Wolcott as a place, rather than a project, is a challenging path. It requires that we remain authentic, that we unlearn much of what the last 35 years of development in this region has taught us.

At the heart of this place, a village has been re-created. The land and the river have set its parameters, while trails, both land and water, give it form. This trail system connects the people with gathering places while also providing escapes to solitude.

By connecting with the Valley’s colorful history, we can continue its legacy of living well. This link to the past also requires that we connect to the present. The Mountain’s land, its rivers, its people, its ideals, its spirit - they are all integral parts of the Wolcott Community.

Despite the meticulous planning that is going into the creation of this place, we will not be nurturing the visions and goals of the community as a whole. In doing so, Wolcott will remain, as it has been for decades, a place of discovery and surprise.